Lurefans A8S-4 #99

Uppumiskiirus: 8s/m / Sügavus: 1.2-1.8m / Pikkus: 8cm / Kaal: 7.5g


10 laos


10 laos

Fantastic decors, a magnetic throwing system of the latest generation, ultra-sharp BBK treble hooks, perfect running properties – regardless of whether hard jected or lightly switched.

The A8S series is available in four different running depths (30-50cm, 80-100cm, 90-130cm & 120-180cm), all of which are equipped with an elaborate “magnetic boost system”. This complex throwing system essentially consists of a magnetic cylinder that can move back and forth in a specially shaped channel inside the wobbler body, a permanent magnet in the head area, which also contains two metal balls for stabilization, and the so-called “boost plate” “In the back of the bait, which gives this special casting system its name.

In the throw, the cylinder detaches from the magnet in the head of the wobbler, rushes through the channel at enormous speed and hits the Boost plate with full force. The high impact force generates centrifugal acceleration, which promotes the A8S to very good throwing distances and ensures a stable position in flight.

As soon as the wobbler is caught after ejection, the cylinder immediately slides back into the head area of ​​the wobbler and is fixed there by the magnet. The A8S is therefore silent.

Normally and constantly cranked, the A8S has high-frequency and tight wobble’n’roll action. So it rolls gently around the longitudinal axis and wobbles at the same time with the rear. Since the use of snaps is widespread in this country, these small wobblers are optimized for use on the snap. So they are delivered without an additional hook or ring to tie. For optimal swimming behavior, we therefore recommend using it on the Snap and not tying it directly.

If you hit the loose line (= twitch), the bait breaks out strongly on all sides and jumps around like mad. So he imitates small prey fish that try to flee in panic. An action that hardly leaves any predatory fish indifferent! On a harder note, these little Minnows even perform “kickbacks” under water. That means the wobbler literally jumps backwards and towards the robber’s mouth that is chasing him!

Between the strokes on the line, the A8S descends in almost slow motion. This almost weightless and extremely slow sinking can also provoke bites if the predatory fish follow the bait while jerking and twitching, but do not want to attack properly.

Lurefans even gives the exact rate of descent. With the A8S TWO, for example, this is 10sec / m. So it takes 10 seconds for the bait to sink a meter. So you can even “count down” these small Twitchbaits to the desired depth if necessary.

The A8S catches perch, bass, pikeperch, asp and other small to medium-sized predatory fish day and night, in fresh water and in the sea!

Tootekood: BOB-00-1076