Lurefans Air Fang 5. 4g NO. 35

Tüüp: Floating / Sügavus: 1.5-2m / Pikkus: 5cm / Kaal: 4g


10 laos


10 laos

Like all Lurefans hardbaits, the Airfang first catches the eye with its futuristic appearance. In terms of design, these lures are little works of art.

The Airfang is an excellent bait for twitching on big predatory fish. Not only is his running behavior top-notch, thanks to the built-in Super Jerk system he can also be thrown very precisely.

With the smallest Twitch, this bait scurries through the water with its head first like a fleeing prey fish in right-left movements. With stronger, single blows in the loose line, the airfang rotates 180 degrees on its back and back. If the angler leaves the bait, he slowly begins to rise head first towards the surface of the water, where he remains like a fish looking for surface food.

With its running depth, the Airfang is ideal for fishing in shallow water areas, trees in the water and schools of fish on the surface. Target fish are pike, asp and perch. In the dark it can also be wonderfully fished for pikeperch on the stone pack

Tootekood: BOB-00-0382