Lurefans DK4 8g. NO 35

Tüüp: Sinking vibration / Sügavus: / Pikkus: 4cm / Kaal: 8g


9 laos


9 laos

With the Double Kill, Lurefans are breaking new ground with lippless crankbaits, combining the rough shape of this type of lure with the running behavior of classic hardbody swimbaits. A completely new bait concept!

With its approx. 4 cm, the DK4 are ideal for perch fishing, but it can also be used very well when fishing for trout or asp.

Unlike normal Lippless Crankbaits, the Double Kill does not run straight through the water column with strong vibrations, but with the typical, S-shaped swimbait action. With its new, round, but at the same time very flat body shape and its natural swimming behavior, the lure imitates a small, injured fish rather than triggering reaction bites with strong vibrations.

Thanks to two eyelets on the back of the lure, the Double Kill can be fished in two different ways – fast and shallow or slower and deeper.

If the bait is baited at the front eyelet, it will run slower, deeper and more expansive. This action is perfect when the predatory fish are lower down and are less active, as they imitate an unsuspecting prey fish.

If the angler hooks the double kill into the rear eyelet, he makes faster and shorter S-turns. This action is suitable when the predatory fish can be found in shallower water and are more active.

Tootekood: BOB-00-0711