Lurefans Excavator 50 12.5g. NO 6

Tüüp: Floating / Sügavus: max 2.5m / Pikkus: 5cm / Kaal: 12.5g


10 laos


10 laos

The E-50 Excavator is the bigger brother of the Lurefan’s E-39. In this quite universal size, the crankbait is perfect for targeted fishing for different predatory fish from perch to zander.

Inside the wobbler body there is a large tungsten ball, which on the one hand ensures excellent flight characteristics and on the other hand stabilizes the bait when it is retrieved. It can also be “burned”, i.e. cranked in extremely quickly, without the swimming properties suffering and the bait, for example, going wrong.

The diving shovel of the E-50 is designed so that the crank effortlessly rolls over them when it comes into contact with underwater obstacles. It can also be made to hop over rocky ground without getting stuck. Thanks to its floating properties, the crankbait can also simply pause briefly when it comes into contact with wood, allow it to float and thus lead it over hill and dale.

If the bait is cranked in after casting, it dips to depth immediately and very quickly. This increases the chance of attacks by the predatory fish, as it is longer in the hot zone.

Tootekood: BOB-00-0699