Lurefans Lamduo Trembling 60 12g. NO 3

Tüüp: Sinking trembling / Sügavus: / Pikkus: 6cm / Kaal: 12g


10 laos


10 laos

The Lamdou L60 is a very small, but pleasantly heavy and sinking stickbait that has an extremely strong rolling action. Lurefans call this special sinking behavior “trembling sinking”.

The best way to describe this action is to compare the bait with a man standing up. If you lay the Lamdou flat on the table (as in the product photo) and turn it on its side with your finger, when you let go of it, it tilts back immediately and swings back and forth until it is flat on its stomach again. This is exactly how the bait sinks to the bottom under water!

The metallic decors in particular flash extremely seductively. Thanks to the comparatively high weight, the bait can be cast extremely far. It is therefore also very suitable for fishing for sea trout, for example.

This stickbait can be guided very flexibly by the angler. It can be cranked normally and jerked / switched over and over again, but it can also be presented like a gamer or jig. Due to the special sinking behavior of the Lamdou L60, of course, especially when you sprinkle in regular sinking phases in which it flutters to the ground. The Lamdou can also be used to target predatory fish that are in structures. If, for example, perch are standing on a bridge pillar or at the foot of a sheet pile wall, the stickbait can be lowered right in front of their noses, almost ready to bite.

The Lamdou L60 is suitable for all small and medium-sized predatory fish in fresh and salt water.

Tootekood: BOB-00-0738