Lurefans Mini Craw 8.9cm. NO 2 3-Pack

Tüüp: / Sügavus: / Pikkus: 8.9cm / Kaal: 5.3g


10 laos


10 laos

The Mini Force Craw is based on the design of its big sister, the Lurefans Force Craw. With this rubber bait, too, the angler has the opportunity to adapt and change the bait as desired in Do It Yourself manner. For example, this rubber crab can be turned into a small larva in a few simple steps, which can be used when fishing for chub.

This rubber bait is best fished on various well-known rigs, on the shakeyhead or as a trailer on the rubber jig. 

There are small notches on the belly and back of the rubber bait, in which the tip of the hook can be sunk very nicely. Mounted in this way, the Mini Force Craw can also be fished in sections of water with a lot of hangover.

The rubber compound of the crabs is nice and flexible, but still quite resistant.

Tootekood: BOB-00-0462