Lurefans Rattlesnake-65 14g. NO 19

Tüüp: Sinking vibration / Sügavus: / Pikkus: 6.5cm / Kaal: 14g


10 laos


10 laos

The Lurefans Rattlesnakes are small cicadas, metal vibs, leaf pilchers (whatever you want to call them), which are extremely catchy when fishing for perch, trout, asp and Co.

These small vibration baits are particularly characterized by their run, respectively their vibrations and swirls. The vibrations emanating from this type of bait are very strong and extremely high-frequency. The predatory fish can perceive these powerful stimuli with their lateral line organ even from a great distance, so that the Rattlesnake is also very suitable for looking for fish that are willing to bite. This vibration can even be clearly felt in the tail.

Metal Vibs can be fished in two ways: thrown or vertically when fishing from a boat. Due to their generally excellent flight characteristics, they are very suitable for bank fishing. After casting the bait, similar to fishing with a spinner (baits), it is simply brought in. Depending on how long the angler lets the rattlesnake sink and how quickly he then cranks it in again, different water depths can be fished out in a fan-shaped and intensive manner.

If a metal vib is fished vertically, the angler can repeatedly let it sink to the bottom and start suddenly. The vibrations generated by this often irritate even lazy predators to bite.

There are two different eyelets on the back of the bait, with which the inclination of the bait underwater and thus the intensity of the vibrations can be controlled. If the rattlesnake is hooked into the front eyelet, it runs more horizontally and with a comparatively subtle vibration. The rear eyelet, on the other hand, ensures that the vibration bait tips over at the front, which is accompanied by a significantly more aggressive running behavior with extremely powerful vibrations.

Tootekood: BOB-00-0541