Lurefans Rumor 110 13g. NO 10

Tüüp: Suspending / Sügavus: max 3m / Pikkus: 11cm / Kaal: 13g


10 laos


10 laos

Rumor 110, is a jerkbait that takes in water in it’s gills and gets completely suspending in the water. Rumour has it that it performed on a crazy level when test-fishing it at legendary “PerchZilla”!

With it’s longer lip you can fish it down to 3 meters which can be optimal when it’s a bit colder in the water and fish is hard to trick. With the suspending function, you can optimize your pauses and present the bait under a longer time before you continue with your twitches. 

Tootekood: BOB-00-0416