Lurefans Super Rattlesnake-50 13.5g. NO 3

Tüüp: Sinking vibration / Sügavus: / Pikkus: 5cm / Kaal: 13.5g


10 laos


10 laos

The Super Rattlesnake is a so-called metalbait. This type of bait causes very strong vibrations when retrieving. Its metallic, light-reflecting finish also provides a further strong, visual appeal. If you have to go far to get to the target fish, you can’t ignore the Super Rattlesnakes.

Normal metal baits usually have three of a kind at the tail end, not the Super Rattlesnake. This has a treble hook in the middle and a spinner blade at the rear end provides additional vibrations and visual stimuli.

All guiding methods are possible with this bait thanks to two hanging eyes. Be it simple hauling in, a stop and go tour or jigging over the ground. Vertically as a gamer, the Super Rattlesnake is a danger for perch and co.

Tootekood: BOB-00-0433